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Tips for choosing a primary care provider (PCP)

If you want to choose a new doctor to be your primary care provider (PCP), you can:
  • Search for primary care providers near you at Find a primary care provider
  • Ask friends and family to suggest providers
  • Ask other medical professionals such as your dentist or pharmacist to suggest providers
  • Visit the provider’s website
  • Check the office address to see if it is easy to get to
  • Call the office to see:
    • Which health plans they accept
    • How long it takes to get an appointment
    • If the staff is friendly and helpful
    • If the office hours work for you
    • If the provider speaks your language and meets any special needs
    • Which hospitals they use and if you can get there easily
Also, think about your answers to these questions:
  • Do you want a PCP close to your home or work?
  • Is the PCP's office close to public transportation, or is there enough parking?
  • Are you more comfortable with a male or female PCP?
Once you know the PCP you want, choose a plan that works with that PCP.  To see if your PCP choice is in one of the health plans, go to Find a primary care provider.